Gain Efficiency in Healthcare Communications

Managing communications for your healthcare organization can include working in a variety of systems and formats. Reduce these inefficiencies when you switch to a Penzle content solution.

Enhanced Content Solutions for Healthcare

Penzle understands that efficiency in healthcare equals cost savings. That is why our CMS solutions were created with the ability to scale across multiple websites and communication channels, bringing you the most efficiency possible.

Compared to traditional CMS systems, Penzle offers great flexibility and function. Using API integrations and a central content repository, you can connect sources of information and speed up publication using customized workflows.

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Make Content Accessible

Penzle ensures that content in and out of the system satisfies the highest accessibility standards. We want all users, regardless of ability, condition, or circumstance to be able to access websites developed with our CMS solutions.

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Workflows Add Efficiency and Control

Compliance reviews can be built as standard into content workflows, adding efficiency and control to the publication process. Penzle offers sophisticated workflow management controls, including delegation and audit trails.

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Keep Security Top-of-Mind

Penzle has integration capabilities to support external security tools and services. We know staying on top of security and compliance regulations is very important, and we are here to support you in any way we can.

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