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About Us

The only limit is your own imagination.

Our Story

A modern CMS for all

Penzle Technology was founded by two visionary software engineers, Admir Mehanovic and Admir Mujkic, to replace outdated the content management system and create a more user-friendly CMS that could drive greater collaboration between developers and marketers.

Website development around the globe has been accomplished using outdated technology that is unable to scale or requires a programmer to update. This is a pain point of the digital experience industry – one that we hoped to solve. Penzle does just that.

Our vision is to provide cutting-edge content management technology that doesn’t take a programming degree to master. Our technology agnostic approach provides integration opportunities with a wide variety of programming languages, cloud service providers, applications, and more. You can make a Penzle CMS website what you want it to be.

Our technology and standards will help entrepreneurs innovate quicker and test ideas faster. We are on a mission to help you grow.

Expanding the Digital Experience

Digital marketing stretches beyond websites, and so Penzle CMS allows users to control messages across websites, mobile, email, social media, and IoT devices. The digital experience is changing, and we want to be your partner for it all.

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Not a Programmer? No Problem.

In our years of experience, we’ve learned that websites are not always worked on by programmers. Especially in a start-up environment, a content management system should be accessible by all. Young companies may not have large budgets for website development or time to waste standing up a website. Because of this, our primary focus was to produce a system that did not require a developer, but should you choose to use one, there is plenty of flexibility in the CMS for customization and creativity.

The system is also easy to use, which reduces build times and gets new companies in-market faster.

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