Innovate How You Teach With Penzle

Create the ultimate learning experience with Penzle Solutions. Digital transformation is taking the education industry by storm, and students are demanding more modern learning experiences. You can deliver that and more with Penzle CMS.

The Next Generation of Digital Education


Educators can focus on content while we focus on keeping the technology up-to-date.

Flexible User Roles

Authorize as many educators or students as you’d like with flexible user roles.

The Experience Editor

Penzle makes web editing easy with an intuitive editing feature.

Take Digital Education Beyond Zoom

Yes, life threw us some lemons, and educators everywhere made lemonade using available online collaboration tools like Zoom. But now that students have had a taste of the online world, teachers need to continue to deliver exceptional digital learning experiences.

How You Deliver

Penzle Solutions helps educators launch interactive courses that incorporate augmented and virtual reality using media modules. You can develop mobile applications and student portals – this is what multi-dimensional learning should be.

Take Digital Education Beyond Zoom