Social networking app allowing you to meet and connect with people nearby

Create and organize events with a new twist. Broadcast the event to everyone within a radius that is also using the app. We will help you resocialize after a tough period of the pandemic.

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in real world with like-minded people


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The Challenge

2020 will be remembered as the year of a global pandemic. It was a tough year for all of us, especially young people. Being stuck inside our homes for weeks was an unfamiliar feeling. Studies have shown that almost 20% of adolescents experienced a mental health disorder during the lockdown. Home became a safe space, and after getting used to that feeling, it's hard to go back to how things were.

Linkup is not just a project; it's a mission: bring people together to connect in the real world and meet like-minded people so you can share wonderful moments spent together.

Behind the scenes it is actually a social app, with a clever event scheduling system. You can create short-lived social events and invite people to join. Any event subscriber can easily get the event location in order to meet-up. It has an integrated private and group chat.

The Solution

Frontend was made with Flutter, in order to facilitate easy builds for iOS as well as Android. We are no stranger to chat integrations, and we have chosen OneSignal and PubNub for Linkup. PubNub enables us to easily create virtual spaces for the purpose of group and private chats. Extending that with OneSignal for notifications enabled us to complete the project core. We used Twilio for SMS integration and our own Penzle framework for content management. Scheduling was implemented using Coravel on a specialised dedicated service.

The Results

Linkup mission has already started. You can join in by downloading the app. Create a linkup or connect with anyone who created a Linkup within a 24 hour period. This is the tool to help you socialise and peel off your face from the screen you are reading this on. Give it a try!

This solution was completed by our partners at Tappable utilizing our Penzle framework as the foundation. If you want to become our partner, or have an example of how Penzle helped you build your idea, reach out to us with your story.